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University Overview

Charles Darwin University (CDU) has all of the advantages of a relatively young dual sector University, including vigour, creativity, flexibility and freedom from the constraints of tradition. But its true character and richness stems from its location in the Northern Territory of Australia, centred in Darwin: a youthful, multicultural, cosmopolitan, and robust, tropical city in a Territory that is steeped in Aboriginal tradition and culture and which enjoys a close interaction with the peoples of Southeast Asia.

That geography and those historical connections help to shape and explain the University's special interests in both indigenous and regional issues; areas of interest that it shares with many other parts of the world: in particular, those located in tropical climates and those where there is a meeting of peoples from diverse cultural backgrounds. From the expansive deserts in the south to the tropical north and the Arafura Sea, rich in marine life, are boundless opportunities for research and exploration, including the biodiversity of the world heritage Kakadu National Park.


CDU offers a range of undergraduate degree courses from nursing and science through to business and law. The university also offers flexible study options, including full-time, part-time and online education. State-of-the-art facilities, quality teaching and solid student support are just some of the few things that CDU can offer.

The minimum entry requirement for undergraduate degree courses is met by successful completion of the northern territory certificate of education (or equivalent) and an Australian tertiary admissions rank (ATAR). For students who cannot meet these qualifications, alternative options are available such as the tertiary enabling program (TEP), special tertiary admissions test (STAT) and recognition of prior learning (RPL).


The business faculty is one example of postgraduate programs on offer at CDU. A wide range of business-related postgraduate courses in international business, human resource management, strategic management, business administration, professional accounting and research can be undertaken by graduate students through graduate certificate, graduate diploma, masters and doctoral degrees.

Another postgraduate program available at CDU is the education faculty. Postgraduate courses in CDU can are further categorized into graduate entry teacher education and higher degree research and coursework programs. CDU postgraduate courses in education enables graduate students contemplating a career change to update their knowledge of contemporary learning practices in workplaces and education organizations.

Study Online

CDU study online programs offer the flexibility of studying, so that students can balance study commitments with a career, family and social life. Studying off-campus allows students to learn at their own pace through CDU's supportive and informative virtual classrooms.

External students can study in many areas, including indigenous and Australian studies, business and economics, education and teaching, engineering, environmental studies, humanities and social sciences, medicine and health and the Tertiary Enabling Program (TEP).

To assist students studying in external modes, CDU formed the External Student Support (ESS) which provides services in the following areas: dispatch of printed course materials, external assignment submission, external examinations and the Open Universities Australia (OUA) liaison and administration.

International Students

Overseas students who are planning to study in Charles Darwin University (CDU) have nothing to worry about when they come to Australia because the university has various support programs ready for them. Before leaving home, students can check the university's international page section which has information about the destination and the things to pack. It also has a downloadable pre-departure checklist and reminders in stall.

Apart from a pre-departure checklist, an arrival guide may also be printed by students. Contained in the guide are the list of services that students can avail of such as airport collection services, pre-arranged room accommodations, information on living expenses and a lot more. Along with all these, Charles Darwin University offers a range of undergraduate scholarships for International students.

Tuition Fees

Charles Darwin University tuition fees vary depending on student status and the course being undertaken. International students are generally required to pay the full fee for undergraduate study while both local and undergraduate students can be required to pay the full fee for postgraduate study. Sample average indicative fees from CDU include:


Business:$20,440   Arts/Education:$18,520   Engineering/Science:$26,000  


MBA:$25,000   Arts/Education:$21,200   Engineering/Science:$26,936  

Check with the University directly for the cost of study of the courses in which you have an interest or you can check out the cheapest universities in Australia for international students for more general information.


CDU offers a range of scholarships for all types of students sponsored by individuals, businesses, government, community groups and the university, to assist students with the financial burden of studying. There are also available scholarships that give students the opportunity to participate in paid work experience during semester breaks.

A research scholarship called the Australian postgraduate awards is also available at the university. These are prestigious scholarships funded by the Commonwealth Department of Industry and provide an indexed stipend. Additional benefits include paid sick leave, maternity/paternity leave, relocation and a thesis allowance.

University Life

CDU university life is not just about gaining a professional qualification, the university also aims to broaden student experiences and allow them to make a lifelong network of friends.For students who are keen to get involved in events, they can get in touch with the CDU Student Association. The group organises a range of social events throughout the year for on-campus students such as balls and end of semester celebrations.

CDU also provides a range of facilities for its students, which add to its exciting on-campus atmosphere. As part of student life, the university encourages students to join in different clubs and student organizations. Aside from all these, CDU prioritizes its students above anything else thus a wide range of student services is available. For new students, the university provides support services and accommodation services.

Student Reviews

CDU student reviews indicate how grateful students are of the academic support and assistance provided to them by the lecturers and tutors at the university. Student reviews discuss how teachers go out of their way just to help students who have a difficult time understanding lessons. Aside from the faculty, students also make comments on the administrative staff who are as equally accommodating and friendly.

Common comments in the student reviews mention about CDU's pleasant campus and excellent facilities. Students point out that although the campus is small, it is spacious and well-kept. Many students also add that they have the best facilities and how the school makes sure that students are able to use such facilities at all times.

Latest News

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