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University Overview

Monash University is the second oldest university in the state of Victoria and is one of the largest in Australia in terms of student body size. The university has a large network of seven local and international campuses, with five located in Victoria, one in South Africa, and another in Sunway, Malaysia. Monash also has international centres in China, Italy, and India.

Monash has one of the strongest undergraduate divisions in Australia while also maintaining a heavy focus on research, taking pride in being home to a large number of research facilities. The university forms healthy and mutually beneficial partnerships with the government, non-governmental organizations, and businesses to gain relevant information on issues, processes, and trends that could be used to update their course offerings, thereby ensuring that students gain knowledge that is directly applicable to the current national and global context.

Along with these features, Monash also offers its students the possibility of a unique global learning experience. Its education philosophy, called Monash Passport, is a unique approach that bridges education and career as a seamless process that enables students to have an effortless transition from learning to doing. The university's motto, Ancora Imparo, literally means I am still learning, which reflects the approach that the school takes in shaping its courses and moulding its students.


Monash University offers an extensive range of courses and research degrees that provide students with the opportunity to pursue what interests them the most. Students even have the option to take up two degrees at the same time, thus enabling them to graduate with two bachelor degrees. All ten faculties at Monash have this option, with durations of study varying from four to six and a half years.

Students also have flexibility in choosing their mode of study because Monash has options for part-time, as well as online and distance study. Alternative pathways, such as the Monash Access Program, Monash College, Indigenous Enabling Program, and single units, are also on offer.


At the postgraduate level, Monash ensures that students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to build and fast-track their careers. The university hosts a number of postgraduate events throughout the academic year to provide prospective students with the opportunity to discuss course details and options with university staff.

Students can choose to complete their postgraduate degree through either coursework or research. The university offers over 300 postgraduate coursework programs, most of which have options for studying off-campus using a combination of printed materials and online resources. Scholarships are also available for prospective postgraduate research students.

Study Online

Students at Monash can opt to take courses through a range of study modes, which include online, blended, on-campus limited to intensive units, and even workplace learning. There is also the benefit of accelerated delivery with six intakes a year and a packaged completion process, allowing distance education students to complete their studies at the pace which best suits them

Numerous undergraduate courses and more than 100 postgraduate courses are being offered online by Monash. The university affirms its commitment to distance learning by launching Monash Online, an innovative approach to online learning that uses cutting-edge interactive technology for lesson delivery. Students can access course materials on all their internet-enabled mobile devices and can interact with professors and colleagues through audio, video, chat, and other interactive tools.

International Students

Monash University has one of the largest overseas student populations in Australia. Comprehensive support services are in place to aid international students even before they arrive in the country, and pre-departure briefings are conducted to ensure that students are prepared for their arrival. The university even offers free airport pick up services to take students to their accommodation.

Accommodation options include on-campus living in residential halls or individual units, as well as off-campus living through private rentals, specialised apartments, and homestay. International students bringing their families can take advantage of the childcare services being offered by the Australian campuses.

Along with these services English language support is available through specialised language courses and the Language and Learning Online Tool. Faculty support and mentoring programs are likewise on offer, and a number of international student scholarships along with financial assistance services are provided exclusively to international students.

Tuition Fees

Monash University tuition fees vary depending on student status and the course being undertaken. International students are generally required to pay the full fee for undergraduate study while both local and undergraduate students can be required to pay the full fee for postgraduate study. Sample average indicative fees from Monash include:


Business:$39,100   Arts/Education:$28,900   Engineering/Science:$38,900  


MBA:$34,700   Arts/Education:$30,700   Engineering/Science:$38,900  

Check with the University directly for the cost of study of the courses in which you have an interest or you can check out the lowest cost to study in Australia for more general information.


Monash University is committed to making higher education accessible to all by offering and awarding over 200 types of scholarships each year. These scholarships range in value and are designed to cover various levels of living costs and tuition fees, with some offering one-off payments while others continuously provide support throughout the length of the recipient's course.

At Monash, even scholarships come under a number of options. High achievers can apply for scholarships that reward academic excellence, primarily under the Sir John Monash Scholarship Program, which is a premier set of scholarships specifically geared toward attracting the best students. On the other hand, disadvantaged students, such as those with financial difficulties or those who come from an indigenous Australian background, can be awarded an equity scholarship. Music, sports, and research scholarships are in place. There are also scholarships on offer for international students, as well those studying in one of Monash's overseas campuses.

University Life

University life at Monash is not only centred on coursework, but also includes many activities and events outside the classrooms. Monash takes pride in enabling students to enjoy a balance between their studies and social lives while on campus.

The university's main campuses are equipped with fitness centres coupled with a variety of sports services to encourage students to participate in team sports and competitions. Student life is also a priority, and students with different interests can also choose from a variety of clubs and societies where they can meet new friends, socialize, and take part in fun activities that are held throughout the year.

Other support services, such as career guidance and counselling, medical and dental services, financial assistance, disability support, cultural inclusion, and spirituality are also in place to ensure that students can fully adapt and thrive while they are on campus.

Student Reviews

The general consensus from the student reviews is that Monash provides a great deal of freedom in terms of allowing students to plan their own timetables. Students like the way they are free to choose their classes and course loads so that they can easily work their other activities into their schedule. They also enjoy the way this flexibility is complemented by the wide variety of events and activities that are hosted in the campus throughout the year.

A large majority of students appreciate the support provided by the faculty and staff to ensure the successful completion of their degree. Many of the student reviews state that mentors and professors are always available to answer questions promptly and even to facilitate discussions outside of class to ensure that course materials are well understood. This supportive environment makes students confident that they will succeed both in their studies and in their subsequent careers.

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