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What are the top universities in Australia is a commonly asked question. Over the years there have been a number of different ways of measuring what would be regarded as Australia's top universities. These include the international rankings systems, the domestic rankings, the government classifications, the international and domestic groupings, and the perceptions of Australians about what it is that should be included as one of the great Australian universities.

All of these classification systems have some weaknesses because they concentrate on a particular aspect of the higher education service and ignore or fail to give enough weight to another. In this way it has become problematic about what it means to be a top Australian univerity. For example, there is no established practice in Australia of organisations handing out jobs to graduates of particular business schools, as happens in other parts of the world. Business is too competitive to employ someone for prestige alone without considering what other qualities the employee will bring to the company.

Nevertheless, there is still a fascination for people to judge quality by reputation. This can also have some benefit to make sure that the university does at least have some level of quality. In this way the search for the top Australian universities becomes a way of avoiding the lower ranking universities rather than an objective measure of excellence. To understand more about the different ways rankings have been applied you can visit the Australian university rankings page and in that way develop an understanding about how rankings are being modelled

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