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University Overview

Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a publicly funded university, open to all. It has seven campuses based in Adelaide, Ballarat, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney (North Sydney and Strathfield). Programs are offered in the faculties of Education and Arts, Health Sciences, Law and Business, and Theology and Philosophy.

The University's inspiration, within 2000 years of Catholic intellectual tradition, summons it to attend to all that is of concern to human beings. An ACU education is about acquiring the knowledge and skills to bring about change in communities and in society.

Graduates enjoy high rates of employment, and its diverse research and teaching partnerships throughout Australia and around the world reflect a commitment to community engagement. With a commitment to equity and social justice, ACU offers the innovative and popular Early Achievers' Program (EAP), taking into consideration applicants' contributions to their communities as well as their marks.


ACU offers a wide range of undergraduate degrees across their seven campuses. Study areas in the undergraduate level include business/commerce, arts, media and design, education, environmental science, health, law, psychology and theology. University Experience (UE) is a free program that gives students the opportunity to sample the degree of their choice even before they study at ACU.

Students can gain entry into the university through several qualifications such as entry based on secondary study, entry based on tertiary study or alternate entry, access schemes and the special tertiary admissions test (STAT). Successfully completing a pathway course may also qualify students to gain entry into ACU undergraduate courses.


Studying postgraduate programs at ACU will improve employment opportunities, allow graduate students to change direction in terms of career, specialize and update their qualifications, explore an interest and develop a network of contacts.

Postgraduate study can involve either research or coursework programs.Research students usually do not attend lectures or tutorials - instead, they conduct independent research activities and are supervised by a senior academic. Coursework degrees on the otherhand, are further divided into graduate certificate, graduate diploma and masters.

Postgraduate students are also provided numerous student support such as academic skills support, free counselling, disability support, online support, library and study resources, career development services and religious services.

Study Online

ACU has a study online program that is accessible to all students. Studying off-campus requires some special skills, knowledge and attributes. ACU offers support for students in developing these skills via academic skills unit. Students can choose from a number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered online.

To assist external students further, ACU created LEO (Learning Environment Online) which combines several systems to enable student online learning, communication and collaboration. In this program, students can undertake unit work such as readings, quizzes, and depending on the unit, lecturers can publish unit information such as lecture notes or assignment details. Aside from all these, ACU also provides online students with assignment cover sheets, course enrolment guides, access to library use, student connect and tutorial direct.

International Students

Leaving home and studying in an entirely different country can be quite stressful. To cater to the needs of overseas students, the Australian Catholic University (ACU) has prepared a comprehensive support plan. ACU offers a pre-departure guide complete with information on the necessary preparations before coming to Australia, arrival and accommodation assistance and briefings and orientations. Aside from all these, ACU has a 24 hour support for international students and student assistance hotlines. Overseas students will also be guided accordingly by an International Student Adviser who will answer queries and other concerns.

ACU does not only offer excellent support services, they also have scholarships for international students. To obtain an international scholarship, a student has to submit the required documentations and go through the selection process. The scholarship is available for undergraduate or postgraduate coursework programs.

Tuition Fees

Australian Catholic University tuition fees vary depending on student status and the course being undertaken. International students are generally required to pay the full fee for undergraduate study while both local and undergraduate students can be required to pay the full fee for postgraduate study. Sample average indicative fees from ACU include:


Business:$23,800   Arts/Education:$21,000  


MBA:$26,240   Arts/Education:$21,000  

Check with the University directly for the cost of study of the courses in which you have an interest or you can check out the cheapest cost to study in Australia for more general information.


ACU offers a range of scholarships for local and international students. The university has many available scholarships each year for students starting undergraduate or postgraduate courses. These scholarships cover part of the recipients' full-time tuition fees. Research scholarships are also available for students undertaking higher degrees by research.

Aside from all these, students can apply in a number of external scholarships offered by organizations in Australia. ACU also helps students contact their consular office for information on government scholarships in their home country.

University Life

Community engagement is a core part of university life at ACU. For each campus, student associations host events such as barbecues, balls and concerts. There are also clubs, societies and sporting events such as the ACU and university games. Students may also join volunteer experience programs throughout their student life. This allows students to give back to their communities and make a difference.

For students who aspire to study abroad, they can attend an overseas university in more than 16 countries, complete international internships, and work in community programs around the world. A range of support services are available to help students adjust to university life. Examples include accommodation and transport service, online support, counselling, academic skills support, disability support and religious services.

Student Reviews

According to student reviews, ACU has a friendly and accommodating faculty and staff which makes their stay in the university a lot easier. Many students say that lecturers try to help and support students in the best possible way. They also strive to give each student personalized attention. In addition, one of the most common comments that always comes out from ACU's student reviews is its easy application and enrolment process.

Students say that although ACU has small campuses, the campuses encourage a tight-knit community where students can socialise and develop life-long friendships. Student comments also centre on ACU's facilities which they say are enough to support student learning. Areas such as the library, an up-to-date computer workstation and on-campus study zones are specifically mentioned by students.

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