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University Overview

Curtin aspires to be a world-class university of technology. As one of Australia's leading universities, Curtin is proud of its practical focus on finding creative solutions to problems through the innovative application of technology.

Creativity and innovation are also characteristics of successful partnerships. The development and evolution of productive partnerships, both within the university and with the wider community, is fundamental to achieving Curtin's vision.

First there is the partnership with each and every one of the students. This partnership in the learning process is based on commitment, cooperation and two-way trust. It is also a partnership that extends beyond graduation through Curtin Alumni, ensuring students' links with Curtin continue throughout their working life and beyond.

Then there are the many partnerships based on collaboration between Curtin's staff across areas, centres, schools, divisions and levels in an environment based on common values, mutual respect and a genuine commitment to Curtin.


Curtin undergraduate degrees come in many different study areas which include agriculture, architecture and construction, business, management and law, culture, language and indigenous, education, engineering and mining, health, information technology and computing and physical sciences and mathematics. Undergraduate students have the option to study on-campus or through distance education.

Aside from all these, Curtin also offers double degrees. Studying for two degrees at once means that students can graduate with double the amount of qualifications, but it won't take them double the time. A double degree increases students' skills and knowledge across two different learning areas and gives them more career opportunities and choices.


Postgraduate studies at Curtin is composed of coursework or research degrees. Postgraduate coursework may be undertaken in different levels such as graduate certificate, graduate diploma, postgraduate diploma, masters, professional masters and graduate entry masters. Research degrees on the otherhand is composed of Master of Philosophy, PhD and other doctoral research degrees.

Study areas for both postgraduate courses include agriculture, architecture, arts, business, culture, education, health, IT and computing and physical sciences and mathematics. Postgraduate students can also choose from many study options such as online study, distance education and full-time and part-time on-campus study. Scholarships and financial assistance are also granted to graduate students who are found eligible.

Study Online

Curtin delivers study online programs directly through Curtin or through Open Universities Australia (Curtin OUA). Students can study a Curtin degree through Open Universities Australia (Curtin OUA), which offers some different Curtin courses to the ones available at Curtin. Curtin also offers the Massive Open Online Courses (also known as MOOCs) that allow anyone to complete short courses on a variety of topics online for free.

Undergraduate and postgraduate online courses in fields such as business, management and law, culture, language and indigenous, education, health, IT and computing, engineering, environmental health, geology, internet communications, nursing and occupational health and safety are all offered at Curtin.

Study online students will have access to numerous online support services including the 24/7 access to interactive online learning, social networking with other students, a user-friendly system including a mobile app, tutors experienced in online delivery and a wealth of online library resources including full text access to e-Reserve, past exam papers and journals.

International Students

Being a multicultural community, Curtin University has prepared support services for overseas students. Before leaving home, students can access a pre-departure guide with information such as visa arrangement, accommodation, budget planning and how to find part-time work. The university offers airport reception from the airport to anywhere within the metropolitan area. Students will also be advised accordingly on short term housing options.

Orientations and counselling services are offered to assist students settle into life at the university. Academic support through free workshops and online programs are made available for students to help them improve their study skills. In addition, English language support through the UniEnglish program is available. Curtin University grants international student scholarships to those who are deemed eligible.

Tuition Fees

Curtin University tuition fees vary depending on student status and the course being undertaken. International students are generally required to pay the full fee for undergraduate study while both local and undergraduate students can be required to pay the full fee for postgraduate study. Sample average indicative fees from Curtin include:


Business:$30,000   Arts/Education:$30,000   Engineering/Science:$34,000  


MBA:$44,000   Arts/Education:$30,000   Engineering/Science:$40,000  

Check with the University directly for the cost of study of the courses in which you have an interest or you can check out the lowest tuition fees at universities in Australia for international students for more general information.


Curtin has a number of scholarships open to students, including merit-based, needs-based and industry supported. These scholarships range from one-off cash payments to full fee grants and are subject to students fulfilling key requirements such as academic performance and work or volunteer experience.

A range of scholarships are on offer for undergraduate and postgraduate students, either for coursework or research. Each year, Curtin awards a small number of scholarships to high achieving students who reflect the qualities of John Curtin, one of Australia's great Prime Ministers. Indigenous student scholarships, international scholarships and prestigious scholarships are also available at Curtin.

University Life

University life at Curtin is not all study, numerous programs and activities are available to enhance student life. Depending on their interest, students can choose from a wide variety of clubs. The university places great importance on sports thus students are encouraged to join sports and sports clubs and take advantage of the university's state-of-the-art facilities. A number of social events is also scheduled the whole year by the Curtin Student Guild.

Campus life at Curtin is also focused on providing convenience for students. The university provides a range of shops, accommodation and services like childcare. Student support such as orientations, scholarships, financial support, a career center and counselling, health and wellbeing hotline is accessible for all students.

Student Reviews

Many of the Curtin student reviews have positive things to say about the university's highly experienced and outstanding lecturers and tutors. Students appreciate how teachers are willing to help students when they need any form of assistance.

One of the most appealing aspects of the university mentioned by a majority of students is the high level of student support provided and how Curtin regularly puts on functions that allow students to relax and get to know each other.

Students also express their appreciation for Curtin's up-to-date range of facilities which are helpful and useful. Facilities like the bookshop cafes and food outlets and guild outlets are specifically cited by students. Students are highly appreciative of the facilities, but according to them, the best part are the grounds - beautiful gardens and scenery which balanced out the accommodating buildings.

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