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University Overview

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is one of Australia's largest universities, offering a broader range of undergraduate degrees than most other universities, with the flexibility to choose a combination of study areas as well as participate in exchange programs with overseas universities.

QUT is the largest provider of bachelor degree graduates into full-time employment in Australia each year and its graduate employment rate is well above the national average for Australian universities. This section details QUT's rich past, its performance-focused present and exciting future. The University's mission, goals and history are provided, with the Annual Reports that document its achievements.

It includes information on QUT's Cultural Precinct, an outline of the cultural, recreational and sporting opportunities available on and off campus to QUT staff and students, as well as information on the benefits of living in Brisbane.


Undergraduate degrees at QUT will broaden the knowledge of students in their field of interest. Most bachelors take three to four years to complete, studying full-time. Undergraduate students can also study a double degree. This is a combination of two bachelor degrees that they can study at the same time.

QUT offers study options such as internal and external education and part-time or full-time study. For all undergraduate courses, students need to either have completed Australian Year 12 (or equivalent), or be aged 17 or older and be applying on the basis of their previous study or work experience.


Postgraduate study at QUT can be either coursework or research, each with individual benefits. Completing a postgraduate degree in general, can give students a competitive edge in terms of career, or help professionals change careers entirely. Postgraduate study pathways include graduate certificate, graduate diploma and masters.

Whether students choose coursework or research, they can choose from many study areas offered at QUT, such as building and planning, business, creative, design and performance, education, engineering, health and community, information technology, law and science and mathematics. To apply for QUT's postgraduate program, students are guided accordingly with a step-by-step process, available at the university's webpage.

Study Online

The study online program at QUT offers selected courses in graduate certificate, graduate diploma, bachelor degree, master's degree and honours. The university provides external students with a wide variety of study areas including health and community, business, education, law and justice, information technology, engineering and building and planning.

Lecture notes and learning materials are available for download and learning materials will be sent through mail. Students will also complete assessment and submit it online. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are free, online courses offered by QUT. Off-campus students may enroll in an open online course, for example robotics.

International Students

QUT has a well-prepared set of support programs for overseas students. To start with, QUT provides pre-departure information for their students such as organizing student visa, applying for overseas student health cover, things to pack and documents to prepare and what students need to know if they plan on bringing their family to Australia. They also offer advice with regards to accommodations options and student accommodation providers.

Arriving in Australia is no longer a worry because QUT can organize to collect students from the airport when they arrive. When students are totally settled, they have to attend a week long orientation. Other support services offered include language and learning services, international student services and advice and counselling. QUT offers many scholarships for international students available for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students.

Tuition Fees

Queensland University of Technology tuition fees vary depending on student status and the course being undertaken. International students are generally required to pay the full fee for undergraduate study while both local and undergraduate students can be required to pay the full fee for postgraduate study. Sample average indicative fees from QUT include:


Business:$27,700   Arts/Education:$26,700   Engineering/Science:$32,300  


MBA:$43,800   Arts/Education:$27,500   Engineering/Science:$29,300  

Check with the University directly for the cost of study of the courses in which you have an interest or you can check out the cheapest universities in Australia for international students for more general information.


QUT students can choose from a wide array of scholarships offered by the university. Scholarships come in different levels of study including undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees. Students who have excellent academic performance may apply for scholarships for high achievers. There are also scholarships for student athletes who are attending and representing QUT.

The university supports financially struggling and disadvantaged students through the low-income and social disadvantage scholarships. Scholarships for women are also available across a range of study areas. Aside from all these, QUT also has international scholarships for students who are not Australian permanent residents or citizens.

University Life

Students experience a balance of academics and social activities throughout their university life at QUT. Students can connect with other students who share their interests by joining a club or society. Sporting events and activities, including social sports and competitive sports are available for students to choose from. Student life is even more exciting with the university's social calendar which is packed with events where students can get to know other students.

For students who want to join activities and expand their global network and explore different cultures, they can join the East West program which promotes cultural diversity. Aquatic, fitness and cycle facilities, refectories, food court, retailer coffee shops and mobile carts are in place in the entire campus.

QUT has a wide range of support services including financial help, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex and queer support, disability support, guidance, medical services, housing services and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander support.

Student Reviews

QUT student reviews include comments about the university's large campus. Students say that the campus exudes a friendly atmosphere and a relax vibe that allows them to study effectively. Students also comment on QUT's decent facilities such as the beautiful botanical gardens, huge library and gym, computer workstations and on campus coffee shops.

Student reviews show how much students value their teachers. Students say that lecturers and tutors are highly committed and competent. According to majority of the comments, lecturers present lessons in a way which is both interesting and informative. Students also mention how equally approachable the staff are.

One theme that always comes out from the student reviews is the easy application process at QUT. Many students like the online application and the willingness of the university to assist students who do not gain entry into their desired course.

Latest News

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