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University Overview

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is renowned for the quality of its graduates and its commitment to new and creative approaches to education and research. Located in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, UNSW is a destination of choice for the best and brightest students from Australia and around the world. The main UNSW campus is located on a 38 hectare site at Kensington. Other campuses are the College of Fine Arts, Australian Defence Force Academy, and sub-campuses at Randwick and Coogee, as well as research stations around NSW.

The University has strong ties with industry and business and consistently performs at the top nationally in Australian Research Council Industry Linkage Grants. UNSW expertise is regularly sought after by business and government for a wide range of consultancy and training services.

UNSW is committed to an international focus, believing that it is critically important to be open to the world through education and research. As a founding member of Universitas 21, an international alliance of 21 leading universities in 14 countries, UNSW has access to a network for international collaboration, and exchange of expertise and experience.

UNSW is consistently recognised as a national leader in learning and teaching, demonstrating the link between research intensity and teaching excellence. In line with its aim of attracting students with the highest potential, the University has a number of programs in place to encourage greater participation in higher education with indigenous programs and outreach programs aimed at raising the educational aspirations of students from low socio-economic backgrounds.


UNSW offers different types of undergraduate degrees which can be taken through bachelor degree, bachelor degree with honours, dual degree and combined degree program. To gain entry into UNSW, undergraduate applicants need to have a qualification considered to be equivalent to Year 12 (completion of High School). The university also considers a range of other academic qualifications, referred to as university pathways.

Because of UNSW's good reputation, competent graduates, campus entrepreneurship and innovation, research development focus, world-class facilities, global networks, vibrant campus life and campus accessibility, students choose to study at the university.


Numerous postgraduate courses are available at UNSW. The university also offers flexible degree structures, different study options and several scholarship opportunities for postgraduate students. Postgraduate programs at UNSW are categorized into two, coursework and research. Students can choose from graduate certificate, graduate diploma or master's degree qualification.

Postgraduate coursework study areas include arts and social sciences, built environment, arts and design, engineering, law, medicine and science. For research students, they may choose from a master of philosophy, masters by research or PhD. A step-by-step process is followed for research degree application. Research scholarships and grants are also given to students who are evaluated as eligible.

Study Online

Distance education courses in the undergraduate and postgraduate are available at UNSW. Study areas include arts, business, management, engineering science, information technology, space operations, space operations and systems engineering. Lessons are delivered to students through virtual classrooms and lecture recordings.

Most learning materials are accessible online, while any hard-copy items are delivered to an external student's doorstep. Online forums and blogs provide interaction with peers. Students will also have access to one of the country's best libraries, with many online journals and books available 24/7. Hard copy materials, including DVDs, can also be sent to students.

International Students

The University of New South Wales is a global community that places great importance on overseas students. To assist international students in coping up with their new life in Australia, UNSW offers comprehensive support services. Support programs start even before a student arrives in Australia. UNSW offers guidance to students about pre-departure necessities. Topics like the necessary documents students have to bring, emergency contacts and what not to bring into Australia are the discussed.

UNSW also offers advice to students regarding accommodation options such as living in university colleges, university apartments and private accommodation. Once students arrive in Australia and are fully settled, UNSW's Student Development International (SDI) will assist international students to discover the academic and cultural rewards of studying in Australia. Apart from all these, UNSW offers scholarships for international students who are eligible.

Tuition Fees

University of New South Wales tuition fees vary depending on student status and the course being undertaken. International students are generally required to pay the full fee for undergraduate study while both local and undergraduate students can be required to pay the full fee for postgraduate study. Sample average indicative fees from UNSW include:


Business:$39,360   Arts/Education:$32,160   Engineering/Science:$41,760  


MBA:$40,800   Arts/Education:$31,440   Engineering/Science:$41,280  

Check with the University directly for the cost of study of the courses in which you have an interest or you can check out the lowest tuition fees at universities in Australia for international students for more general information.


UNSW has a wide variety of scholarships available for students to choose from. Scholarships for local and international students, including high school leavers and current students are offered by the university. UNSW's co-op program supports students through scholarships that provide industry training experience, leadership and professional development.

Postgraduate research scholarships give local and international research students the opportunity to pursuit their interests. UNSW also provides scholarships specifically for international students that are supported by external organizations. Aside from all these, a scholarship called the Australian Development Scholarship (ADS), which is country specific, is as well available at the university.

University Life

University life at UNSW is exciting. With many student activities, programs, social and cultural events and clubs and societies to join in, student life is made even more fun. UNSW's sport and recreation and fitness and aquatic centres, allow students to play social and competitive sports. The student association also organizes great activities for students such as outings and travels which explores different attractions and cultures in Australia.

Campus life is easy because UNSW has many support programs that help students transition to university life. Such programs include accommodation services, health services, campus tours, orientation week, learning support, peer mentoring and career guidance. All these, including opportunities for students to study abroad are available at UNSW.

Student Reviews

UNSW student reviews indicate how students appreciate their lecturers and tutors. According to students, the teaching staff are extremely helpful and willing to assist students with their coursework. Students add that teachers are available to give advice if a student is struggling with anything. Many students also like the support programs on offer at the university, particularly mentioning the career advisors and information sessions.

Aside from all these, student reviews contain positive feedback on UNSW's big campus. Students also enjoy the activities and events that the university clubs and societies host. These activities, according to students allow them to make new friends. Other important mentions in the reviews include UNSW's convenient online enrollment system and good university facilities such as a huge gym, several dorms and a well-maintained swimming pool.

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