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University Overview

In the 21st century, The University of Western Australia will be recognised internationally as an excellent, research intensive university and a leading intellectual and creative resource to the community it serves. It will provide a broad and balanced coverage of disciplines in the Arts, Sciences and the professions at internationally recognised standards. It will be characterised by a strong research and postgraduate emphasis across the full range of its disciplines and it will be noted for concentrations of particular research excellence in selected areas of strength, opportunity and importance.

The University's research and postgraduate strength will be linked to and sustained by a high-quality undergraduate programme in which teaching and learning takes place in an atmosphere of research and scholarship. The University will foster an international focus for all its activities and standards as an integral part of its overriding commitment to excellence and high quality. It will be valued above all, for its enduring commitment to improving society through learning and discovery.


Undergraduate degrees at UWA offers students a broad range of options and a high degree of flexibility, allowing students to combine subjects in a way that matches their career and personal interests. UWA's undergraduate degree structure requires students to complete at least one major, as well as a number of general units. The university also offers a range of study abroad and student exchange opportunities for undergraduate students.

UWA welcomes applications from school-leavers, mature-age applicants and those with previous tertiary study. Academic performance is the main criterion in the university's selection process. Alternative entry schemes are also available for students who don't meet the requirements.


Postgraduate studies at UWA helps ensure that graduate students are able to build their knowledge and skills through a coursework degree or extend the understanding of subjects, while demonstrating advanced analytical and project management skills, through a research degree. Qualifications in coursework degrees include Graduate certificate, Graduate diploma, master's degree and professional doctorates.

Research degrees include masters by research, which normally requires the equivalent of at least four semesters (two years) of full-time study and research doctorates and Doctors of Philosophy (PhDs) which requires a minimum of four years full-time study.

Study Online

There is currently no study online information for University of Western Australia check with the University directly to find out if they have started offering study online programs.

International Students

To support the growing population of overseas students, the University of Western Australia has created a strong set of support services for their students. UWA helps international students organize their arrival in Australia by giving them important information on the necessary preparations they have to make. The university even offers free airport pick-up to take students to their accommodation. With the on and off campus accommodation options, UWA provides advice and support on housing options to help students decide where to live while at the University.

Upon arrival, students may immediately seek for assistance as UWA offers a readily available International Centre. Orientations, mentoring programs, social programs, personal safety advice and academic support are all available in UWA as well. Aside from all these, international student scholarships and other forms of financial assistance are also offered.

Tuition Fees

University of Western Australia tuition fees vary depending on student status and the course being undertaken. International students are generally required to pay the full fee for undergraduate study while both local and undergraduate students can be required to pay the full fee for postgraduate study. Sample average indicative fees from UWA include:


Business:$36,000   Arts/Education:$30,000   Engineering/Science:$38,310  


MBA:$71,000   Arts/Education:$30,500   Engineering/Science:$38,500  

Check with the University directly for the cost of study of the courses in which you have an interest or you can check out the cheapest Australian universities for international students for more general information.


UWA offers scholarships in a range of disciplines as part of its commitment to attracting high-achieving students while maintaining equity and access. Eligibility varies, depending on the scholarship being sought. The university provides a range of scholarships and awards to high school leavers and other commencing students in partnership with the Fogarty Foundation. There are also scholarships for rural and regional and disadvantaged students.

Postgraduate scholarships support UWA students in studying for their masters and PhD degrees. Australian and international students can apply for research scholarships to undertake postgraduate study in all disciplines across the university. For students to be awarded these scholarships, they need to meet eligibility requirements and pass a screening.

University Life

UWA university life is made fun for students with many clubs and societies that students can join in, social events such as student parties, gatherings and outings, and sports and recreational activities which are specifically intended for students to enjoy a healthy and active life. Volunteering opportunities, global opportunities and the student exchange program allows students to meet other people and explore different cultures.

Aside from all these, the university aims to make student life easy through various student programs. During the first year,the university helps students with all accommodation issues, including emergency, temporary and short-term, private board and renting and leasing. Other support services include health and well-being services, financial aid and academic support.

Student Reviews

UWA student reviews contain a lot of comments saying how the university lecturers are very enthusiastic, approachable and well-prepared. Above all, students mention that they deliver good, quality lectures. Many students also comment on the university staff who are equally as accommodating and friendly.

Another notable aspect of UWA according to students is its fun and socially-oriented atmosphere. According to many students, they appreciate that university societies and clubs organise activities and events because this allows them to unwind and meet students from other colleges.

The most frequent feature that students liked about UWA is its beautiful and scenic campus. Students say that the grasslands and the river near the campus creates a relaxed and calm feel. Apart from this, students also comment on the school's facilities such as the grounds and the gym.

Latest News

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