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University Overview

Western Sydney University is the new name of the old University of Western Sydney which was launched on the 30th August 2015. At the time of launch it was still using the initialism 'UWS'. The old name might appear throughout our network until all instances of it have been found and updated.

UWS is a young, energetic and rapidly growing university with six campuses located in Sydney's Greater West region (Bankstown, Nirimba/Blacktown, Campbelltown, Hawkesbury, Parramatta and Penrith). Each campus has a distinctive character and offers small class sizes and excellent access to academic staff.

UWS has a reputation for research and academic excellence. The lecturers are innovative and highly qualified. The University encourages staff to respond to changing technological and theoretical trends and to apply the knowledge gained in their teaching programs. UWS takes pride in the performance of its students, and believes the ultimate measure of its success is the quality of its graduates.


Undergraduate programs at UWS aim to give students the edge in their chosen career. Special programs are in place linking students to industry and employers, as well as international study opportunities. To support undergraduate students through their studies, a range of university scholarships are available. Students who have a suitable academic record for previous studies can apply for honours degree.

UWS has a good reputation for teaching and learning excellence. The university is also known for its internationally recognized research, indigenous graduate attribute and degrees of success. These are some of the reasons why UWS is a good place to study.


Postgraduate programs at UWS places a strong emphasis on professional accreditation so that students can graduate with usable and marketable qualifications. Postgraduate students can choose from a wide variety of study areas such as arts and humanities, engineering and built environment, health science, information technology and computing, nursing and midwifery, psychology, science and social science.

UWS also provides graduate students with a choice of flexible study options, as well as variable entry and exit points, to suit every student's specific needs and desired outcomes. The university also supports research students by providing them with a supervisory panel of two to three staff members. Research scholarships are also granted to eligible students.

Study Online

Study online courses are offered at UWS with course areas in advanced networking, business, communication, computing, design, education, law, maths, nursing, science and social science. External students are supported through online orientations, assignment assistance, virtual classrooms, study groups, social networks and access to an online community.

On top of this, a support team is accessible for external students. Students can access course materials on all their internet-enabled devices and can interact with professors and colleagues through audio, video, chat, and other interactive tools. Assessment, for example exams are done in a personal portal called MC3, where students can also access course materials.

International Students

Moving to a new country to study is both exciting and challenging. Western Sydney University has everything in place to help overseas students adjust to their new life. Starting with its pre-departure support service, students are thoroughly prepared before they come to Australia. For students who wish to bring family members along, the university also offers advice on this matter.

UWS offers a wide range of on-campus accommodation that gives students a rich and balanced living and learning environment. The university provides new students with free airport reception upon their arrival. In preparation for their life in Australia, UWS schedules orientations for students. Student advisors and an after-hours assistance line are also available if international students need any help. International student scholarships are also granted to eligible students both for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Tuition Fees

Western Sydney University tuition fees vary depending on student status and the course being undertaken. International students are generally required to pay the full fee for undergraduate study while both local and undergraduate students can be required to pay the full fee for postgraduate study. Sample average indicative fees from UWS include:


Business:$24,280   Arts/Education:$22,680   Engineering/Science:$28,520  


MBA:$27,400   Arts/Education:$24,280   Engineering/Science:$28,720  

Check with the University directly for the cost of study of the courses in which you have an interest or you can check out the lowest cost to study in Australia for more general information.


UWS has available scholarships that are accessible to all types of students. These scholarships are offered in the undergraduate, honours, postgraduate coursework and research degrees. Students who have good academic standing may apply for the academic excellence scholarship which supports students for up to 4 years. Other scholarships in the same category include the vice-chancellor's and dean's scholarships.

International scholarships are also on offer for students. Examples are the Australia awards scholarship and endeavour postgraduate scholarship. External scholarships are also available at UWS. The university helps students choose from scholarships which are offered by the Australian government, private organizations and partner industries.

University Life

With many student and sporting clubs, social events and activities, student opportunities like the study abroad and exchange programs and the UWS Sport which provides opportunities for students in all forms of sport, university life at UWS is fun and exciting.

One goal of the university is to make student life better thus a wide range of support services are available. Guidance and career counselling, housing services, medical and dental services, peer mentoring, scholarship and financial grants are examples of support programs. Aside from all these, the university has sporting and recreational facilities and fitness centers which students can use anytime.

Student Reviews

UWS student reviews show how much students appreciate their lecturers and tutors. According to students, the faculty staff are very helpful and friendly and that they always assisted students who are having problems academically or with regards to personal matters.

Aside from this, students also comment how the university exudes an accommodating and relaxed vibe. According to UWS students, the university facilities are great and are always available for student use. Many students also say that the university's enrolment process is easy and that the staff are very supportive.

Latest News

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