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The notion of partnership characterises the way we operate at the University of Tasmania.

Our primary partnership is between staff and students who work together in the areas of core business for the University: achieving excellence in teaching and learning and research. UTas offers one of the widest range of courses in Australia (58 undergraduate courses) yet is small enough (just over 12 000 students) to provide an environment where each student can enter into a partnership with staff to achieve their goals. The University has adopted a strategy of preserving and developing teaching and learning and research of national and international significance in areas that take advantage of the University's location in the State of Tasmania. The four key areas of specialisation area:

  • Antarctic and Southern Ocean Studies
  • Population and Community Studies
  • National and State Development (agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, mining and tourism)
  • Natural Environment and Wilderness

We work with universities around the world to offer students an international experience as part of their study - UTas has exchange arrangements with over 60 countries throughout Europe, Asia and North America. We also work with researchers in many countries on issues that have international significance. A tiny sample of some of the work that UTas researchers and post-graduate students are involved in include global warming (with NASA), tourism in China, aquaculture in Vietnam, forestry in Indonesia, computing in Korea, cardio-vascular disease with the World Health Organisation and mineral resources projects in 17 countries.

We have a formal partnership arrangement with the State Government and work with local and State government to develop Tasmania economically, socially and culturally. Whatever your goals, I'd like to invite you to explore our web-site and discover how, together, we can achieve great things. (from the University of Tasmania website).

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