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Learn English in Sydney

The best thing when you learn English in Sydney is that you can get to study at some of Australia's leading universities and colleges. Many students from a non-English speaking background like to come to this city so they can study in language classes designed to deliver exactly what students require. All the learn English Sydney programs can be adapted so that after graduation the student can move on to further studies for qualifications such as Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, MBA or even Phd (Doctor). Along with this, the classes can also be used to develop English skills that can be used for other purposes, such as employment, travel, and fun.

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Macquarie University

CME is the English Language Centre of Macquarie University Sydney and is one of the largest English language centres in Australia. CME offers a range of specialised Direct Entry English programs, approved by Macquarie University and SIBT, so students can choose the English program that best suits their study plans. Academic English and General English courses, as well as Study Tours, are also popular programs at CME. ...Click for more

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University of New South Wales
Institute of Languages

Study an English course in Sydney Australia at the University of New South Wales, Institute of Languages. The Institute of languages is the UNSW language school for international university, IELTS course, and English language college students in Sydney Australia. Study...Click for more

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University of Newcastle
Language Centre

University of Newcastle Language Centre students have access to their own resource centre with reading, video and listening facilities. The students also have their own common room equipped with food heating facilities and fridge. In addition to the resources in...Click for more

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University of Technology Sydney
Insearch UTS

Insearch is one of Australia's leading education institutions, and a provider of a range of pathway programs for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). In addition, Insearch is a provider of a High School Preparation...Click for more

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University of New England
Language Training Centre

The Language Training Centre (LTC) is located in a grand, heritage building, in a peaceful, garden setting, near the centre of Armidale, Armidale is a unique educational centre in Australia - a college town and a centre for elite, private...Click for more

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University of Western Sydney
English Language Centre

The UWS English Language Centre offers three different programs for learners of English: the ELICOS program, off-shore courses, and the Adult Migrant English Program. The English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS) program is for international students who would...Click for more

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University of Wollongong
Wollongong University College

The College offers quality teaching in a university environment with state of the art CALL and language laboratories on the Wollongong campus or in the modern Sydney Centre. The English for Academic Purposes course assists students in getting the English...Click for more

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University of Sydney
Centre for English Teaching

The Centre for English Teaching students come from many different countries. Because English is the only common language at the Centre, you will practise your English while learning about other cultures and traditions. CET's friendly and caring environment will make...Click for more

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