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Student Accommodation Adelaide

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University of Adelaide
Accommodation Service

Residential Colleges and Student Hostels can be pre-booked before you leave home. Pre-booking accommodation in Adelaide means that you will not have to compete with other students for rental units and houses, which are in very high demand in the weeks leading up to the start of semester. However, pre-booking means that you cannot inspect the property before you agree to move in; look over the information carefully and contact the property manager if you...Click for more

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University of South Australia
Uni of SA Accommodation

The UniSA Students Housing Association holds leases in a number of properties located within 5 minutes walk from each UniSA metropolitan campus. Apartments range from one bedroom units that can accommodate single students, post-graduate students or couples, to two, three, four and five bedroom apartments for families and groups. Each student has their own study/bedroom. If you are interested in UniSA Student Apartments, you are strongly encouraged to arrange your accommodation before you arrive in...Click for more

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Flinders University
Flinders Housing

There is no better way to be a part of university life than to live on the university grounds. Flinders is the only South Australian university with on-campus accommodation in the Adelaide metropolitan area, and you have a choice of two options – University Hall or the self-contained university townhouses. Both offer high quality facilities and the chance to have some serious fun. If you’d prefer to live off campus, Flinders Housing can help there...Click for more

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