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University of Southern Queensland
Student Services > Accommodation

Housing Advisory Service - This service is part of the USQ Student Services and assists students to find appropriate accommodation. The choice of accommodation is entirely the decision of the student. All available accommodation is listed in the catalogue within Student Services. Only accommodation providers who have signed the University's accommodation policy are listed. The Housing Advisory Service also assists students with: Advice regarding student rights and responsibilities as tenants, Settling disputes between tenants and...Click for more

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University of Queensland
Accommodation Services

Option 1: On-campus Residential Colleges (Must be pre-booked) - Residential colleges typically provide students with their own study bedroom and shared bathroom, dining and recreational facilities. Option 2: Off-campus Student Housing (Must be pre-booked) - There are a number of organisations (not part of the University) who specialise in student housing. Some offer residential college style housing, others consist of apartment complexes purpose built for students. Option 3: Rental Accommodation - (Cannot be pre-booked) A...Click for more

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James Cook University
JCU Accommodation Service

JCU in the City - JCU manages a 35 bed residence called JCU IN THE CITY that provides self catered accommodation in the City Centre to students who prefer to live close to the beach and leisure facilities, yet also have a preference for the care provided by live in Pastoral Care staff like those found in the on-campus Halls and Colleges. JCU Campus Link - JCU Campus Link is a new student residence complex...Click for more

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Queensland University of Technology

Students can find help on campus in finding a place to live, whether you are looking for full board, to live on campus, to find a room in a hostel or shared premises, or to rent an entire house or flat. The search for student housing in Brisbane, through the Accommodation service, the Student Guild helps students to find accommodation, by providing lists of places to live which are available to students, with an Accommodation...Click for more

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Bond University
Off Campus Accommodation

For those who prefer to live in a more suburban environment, the nearby suburbs of Robina and Varsity Lakes offer a wide range of quality accommodation, from rooms in private dwellings to townhouses and 4-bedroom houses. Robina is one of the Gold Coast's most sought after residential areas with a large shopping mall containing movie theatres, and plenty of smaller shopping centres within its boundaries. It provides a safe, quiet environment supported by public (bus...Click for more

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Central Queensland University
Accommodation Directory

Student Residences endeavours to provide a safe, secure and harmonious community for students and visitors on Mackay and Rockhampton campuses. Rockhampton manages to offer self-catering and catering accommodation. Mackay�s establishments accommodate only self-catering Residents. Both Residences offer: Internet facilities in room, close to classes on campus � no car or public transport required, cultural and social activities, electricity is included in price, no bond, reduced fees for gym memberships, and pastoral care. The services and facilities on offer contribute to the University�s goal of ensuring a positive experience for all residents....Click for more

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University of the Sunshine Coast
Accommodation Register

The Off-Campus Accommodation Register is a free service maintained by Student Services, which provides a resource for students and staff who are seeking accommodation in the local area. The majority of accommodation offered is by local residents through private arrangements. Some local motels and resorts offer weekly rates and cabins for temporary accommodation. UniCentral, The Village and Varsity Apartments are privately-owned residential villages located near the University with facilities including pools, tennis courts, BBQ's, ensuites,...Click for more

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