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Monash University
Accommodation Service

You can choose from a wide range of accommodation at Monash, including: On-campus accommodation and Off-campus accommodation. There is a range of student housing in Melbourne and student housing in Victoria, along with housing options for other Monash locations. Staff from the Monash International Student Services office on your campus can help you find short and long-term accommodation even before you enrol. Contact the Student Service office on your campus for assistance. Detailed information about...Click for more

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RMIT University
RMIT Housing Advisory Service

The RMIT Housing Advisory Service is part of the Support and Advisory Services Group for students at RMIT. Although RMIT does not have on-campus accommodation, the Housing Service provides information, advice and assistance on finding off-campus accommodation. A free Tenancy Service is also available to assist students with issues such as Starting a Tenancy, Lease Agreements, Condition Reports, Bonds and the Bond Assistance Scheme, Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Tenant, Breaking or Ending a...Click for more

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Deakin University
DUSA Housing

Accommodation Services provided at Deakin University: On Campus University Residencies - For further information on this option check out the Deakin Residencies website. Off-Campus Housing Service operated by Deakin University Student Association Inc (DUSA) - This service provides information and listings of accommodation options off campus including student housing in Melbourne, Geelong, and in other locations near Deakin campuses. These options are detailed on the 'Costs to Be Aware Of' section of this site. The...Click for more

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Swinburne University of Technology
Housing: Information and Services

The Housing Service is part of Student Services and provides a range of free services. Housing Advisers are located on the Hawthorn, Prahran, Croydon, Wantirna and Lilydale campuses to provide information, advice and assistance to Swinburne University students and staff to find affordable and secure accommodation. Students should go to Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about how the service operates. Students who are new to Melbourne and who may be leaving home for...Click for more

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Victoria University
Student Housing Services

The Student Housing Service provides current Victoria University/TAFE students with bond, lease, rent-arrear, repairs, eviction and co-tenancy advice. The Student Housing Victoria Service also provide current Victoria University students with housing information to bookand secure their own temporary and longer-term accommodation. It is recommended that students do not: Accept housing offers on arrival from the airport, shops etc and/or Apply for 'to rent' posted adverts on campus, shopping centres etc. Before arriving in Melbourne, International,...Click for more

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