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Historical Development of Australian University Sector

The Australian universities sector has grown rapidly over recent years. This has included many long established colleges becoming accredited universities and new universities emerging to service an expanding population or a developing location. The dates used in these lists are the dates that the universities gained their accreditation. The dates in parentheses (if any) are the dates the institution was first established prior to becoming an accredited university.

An example how this works is: 1988 Queensland University of Technology [QUT] (1882) where:

1/ 1988 = the date the university was accredited
2/ Queensland University of Technology = the name of the university
3/ [QUT] = the abbreviated name
4/ (1882) = the date the institution was first established (if different from accreditation date)

Chronological Development

1850 University of Sydney [SYDNEY]
1853 University of Melbourne [MELBOURNE]
1874 University of Adelaide [ADELAIDE]
1890 University of Tasmania [TASMANIA]
1909 University of Queensland [QUEENSLAND]
1911 University of Western Australia [UWA]
1946 Australian National University [ANU]
1949 University of New South Wales [UNSW]
1954 University of New England [UNE] (1938)
1958 Monash University [MONASH]
1964 Macquarie University [MACQUARIE]
1965 La Trobe University [LATROBE]
1965 University of Newcastle [NEWCASTLE]
1966 Flinders University [FLINDERS]
1970 James Cook University [JCU]
1971 Griffith University [GRIFFITH]
1973 Murdoch University [MURDOCH]
1974 Deakin University [Deakin]
1975 University of Wollongong [UOW] (1951)
1977 Australian Graduate School of Management [AGSM]
1986 Australian Defence Force Academy [ADFA]
1987 Curtin University of Technology [CURTIN] (1967)
1988 Northern Territory University [NTU] (1974)
        Queensland University of Technology [QUT] (1882)
        University of Technology Sydney [UTS] (1965)
1989 Bond University [Bond]
        University of Western Sydney [UWS]
1990 Charles Sturt University [CSU]
        University of Canberra [CANBERRA] (1967)
        University of Notre Dame (UND)
1991 Australian Catholic University [ACU] (1850)
        Edith Cowen University [ECU] (1902)
        University of South Australia [UniSA]
1992 Central Queensland University [CQU] (1967)
        RMIT University [RMIT] (1887)
        Swinburne University of Technology [SWINBURNE] (1908)
        University of Southern Queensland [USQ] (1967)
        Victoria University [VU]
1994 Southern Cross University [SCU] (1970)
        University of Ballarat [BALLARAT] (1871)
1999 University of the Sunshine Coast [USC] (1995)

Alphabetical Listing Showing Accreditation Dates

Australian Catholic University [ACU] 1991 (1850)
Australian Defence Force Academy [ADFA] 1986
Australian Graduate School of Management [AGSM] 1977
Australian National University [ANU] 1946
Bond University [Bond] 1989
Central Queensland University [CQU] 1992 (1967)
Charles Sturt University [CSU] 1990
Curtin University of Technology [CURTIN] 1987 (1967)
Deakin University [Deakin] 1974
Edith Cowen University [ECU] 1991 (1902)
Flinders University [FLINDERS] 1966
Griffith University [GRIFFITH] 1971
James Cook University [JCU] 1970
La Trobe University [LATROBE] 1965
Macquarie University [MACQUARIE] 1964
Monash University [MONASH] 1958
Murdoch University [MURDOCH] 1973
Northern Territory University [NTU] 1988 (1974)
Queensland University of Technology [QUT] 1988 (1882)
RMIT University [RMIT] 1992 (1887)
Southern Cross University [SCU] 1994 (1970)
Swinburne University of Technology [SWINBURNE] 1992 (1908)
University of Adelaide [ADELAIDE] 1874
University of Ballarat [BALLARAT] 1994 (1871)
University of Canberra [CANBERRA] 1990 (1967)
University of Melbourne [MELBOURNE] 1853
University of New England [UNE] 1954 (1938)
University of New South Wales [UNSW] 1949
University of Newcastle [NEWCASTLE] 1965
University of Notre Dame (UND) 1990
University of Queensland [QUEENSLAND] 1909
University of South Australia [UniSA] 1991
University of Southern Queensland [USQ] 1992 (1967)
University of Sydney [SYDNEY] 1850
University of Tasmania [TASMANIA] 1890
University of Technology Sydney [UTS] 1988 (1965)
University of the Sunshine Coast [USC] 1999 (1995)
University of Western Australia [UWA] 1911
University of Western Sydney [UWS] 1989
University of Wollongong [UOW] 1975 (1951)
Victoria University [VU] 1992

Disclaimer Note: These dates have been provided for general information only and no warranty is provided regarding their accuracy.

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